Sex Therapist Online:
Zoom, Skype & Telephone Counselling

Our Online Counselling service is an excellent option for many clients:

  • Sex Therapist Online: When you need help but you do not live near a professional and accredited sex therapist.
  • Sex Therapist Online: When your life is already so busy you don’t have time to travel to attend an appointment.
  • Sex Therapist Online: When you want to remain anonymous and have a safe, supportive and confidential environment.
  • Sex Therapist Online: When you want to have the freedom to talk about sexual issues without feeling embarrassed.
  • Sex Therapist Online: When you want a cost effective way to get professional help with your sexual concerns, problems and intimacy challenges.

What is sex therapy online?

Matty Silver provides counselling online via ZOOM, SKYPE or PHONE.

Not many therapists provide this confidential service.

I provide telephone counseling for the following reasons:

Talking online or over the phone can be less threatening.

It is easier to fit in a telephone call than finding time for a face-to-face appointment.

No travel, transport or parking problems.

Flexible appointments can be made after office hours and weekends.

Telephone counselling has benefits in lower fees and saves time.