“I felt very much supported by Matty. She made it so easy for me to talk about intimate issues in my relationship”

“I spent so much money on “medication” for my premature ejaculation. I tried counselling and have now realised that my problem was all about performance anxiety”

“Living in a small country town makes it difficult to seek help; telephone counselling with Matty made such a difference, it felt like she was in the same room with me”

“I just wanted to share with you some great news, the physiotherapy treatment was successful and my husband and I were able to have intercourse a few days ago. I want to thank you very much for the sessions we had over the phone and for pointing me in the right direction regarding treatment. Your genuineness and eagerness to help me with my condition is something I will always remember. I cannot thank you enough”

“Matty helped me understand the reasons why I have so many sexual issues and her advice was invaluable”

“After having my first baby I felt extremely depressed, but talking to Matty on the phone once a fortnight helped me cope so much better. She was able to pick up from my voice how I was feeling and asked the right questions”

“My husband and I are doing really well now, couples counselling helped us to get our relationship back on track”

“I suffered from the inability to have intercourse for years and now at age twenty two I finally was told by Matty I have vaginismus. What a relief, I thought I was a freak”

“You were there for me when I found out about my husband’s affair and when I needed someone to talk to. I can’t thank you enough for your valuable advice”

“Thank you for your help Matty. I feel so much more comfortable in my skin after our chat. The guilt of being married and bisexual was overwhelming”

“Thanks for yesterday, I will be forever grateful at age 53! to finally understand where the clitoris is and that it takes two to tango”

“Hi Matty such a great session today – Thanks for you help and insight with my performance anxiety”

“I’m really angry with myself that it took me so long to finally find the courage to talk to you about all the issues that made me so unhappy – and now realise that I should have done it years ago!”

“I read your book SEX Down Under and it’s just what it promises “Sex Education for Grown Ups” It sounds funny – but it is so true – the book has so much information I didn’t know about!”