Relationship Counselling

Relationship counselling can be very helpful to address issues between partners who would like to get their relationships back on track. I have helped many couples to improve their relationships and responded to their problems and difficulties to bring them closer together again.

At some time in their life couple relationships can enter a phase of conflict, misunderstandings or stress. Often people don’t realise that there is a problem until it seems to appear that it might be too late.

In my practice I experience that couples not always realise that sexual issues often are the main problem for their unhappiness. We are all taught reading, writing and mathematics at school but very few people have received relationship advice or proper sex education.

Common areas of conflict are lack of romance, companionship and fun. Expectations are often unrealistic and much of the satisfaction or dissatisfaction in people’s relationships depend on the expectations brought into a relationship.

After being together for some time couples may encounter a mismatch in sex drives, one partner wants sex more often then the other. This ‘desire discrepancy’ is not abnormal but this conflict can end up having a very negative effect on the relationship.

I like to work with my clients on restoring the intimacy in their relationship, highlight the misunderstanding in communicating, offer a new perspective, give advice and teach strategies on how to achieve better goals.

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