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My Sydney Morning Herald articles

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TRIPLE J Article
Vaginismus is Now very Treatable

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My STUFF articles

Life Begins At 50 Magazine
Sexting not just for the young

Retiree Magazine
Sex and the Prostate
Sexual Healing
Sex And The Prostate

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Top reasons to see a Sex Therapist

The Daily Telegraph
A Revealing Look at our Sex Lives (at work) with my input 

Fairfax Essential Kids
Five Complaints Sex Therapists hear the most (with my input)

Womans Weekly
What to do when you are in a Sexless Marriage (with my input)

The Beast
Problems In The Bedroom
Sex Should Be Fun

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Article: The female orgasm as you know it does not exist  

Daily Life

Article: Why is it so difficult to talk about sex!

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SEX SURVEY 2014 by Jane Hansen (with my input)
SEX SURVEY 2013 by Richard Noone (with my input)
SEX SURVEY2 2013 by Jane Hansen (with my input)

4BC Radio Interview with John Scott
Problems In The Bedroom 

StarFM Radio

Matty Silver - Long Distance Relationships Matty Silver - Long Distance Relationships (2868 KB) 

Sunday Life Magazine
Sex In The Schoolyard by Cosima Marriner (with my input) 

Mid Life Rocks Blog
Secrets to Second Time Round Success  

Cosmopolitan Magazine
The mistake you make when you love him more  

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Getting Back on Track with Relationship Counselling 

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Healthy Pregnancy
Bump up your Sex Life

Matty Silver Tasmania Today Interview

Matty Silver - Tasmania Today Interview Matty Silver - Tasmania Today Interview (8656 KB) 

Laurie Levine
Radio Interview 




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